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Applying for a USDA 502 Direct Home Loan can be an ideal way to help you achieve your dream of owning a home while enriching your local community and economy. As you go through the process and learn more about homeownership, you may want to consider these frequently asked questions.



Why Would the USDA 502 Direct Home Loan Deny a Loan?

There are numerous potential reasons the USDA may deny a loan. One of the most common is a possible homeowner does not meet the income requirements or has a higher DTI ratio than recommended. Changes in employment, income level and debt ratio may also play a role in rejecting a loan. Finally, if the house is not meet USDA 502 Home Loan approved requirements, you may not receive a loan.

Can You Build a House with a USDA 502 Direct Home Loan?

No, by design, USDA 502 Direct Home Loan is for new or existing homes for potential homeowners in rural areas. A USDA loan can help finance a home on property 5 acres or under.


Why Does USDA 502 Direct Home Loan Take So Long to Process a USDA Loan?

Borrowers can expect USDA 502 Direct Home loan processing to take approximately one to two months, depending on various factors and qualifying conditions. The USDA 502 Direct Home Loan takes this long to approve a loan because it wants to ensure all details of the request are valid. Depending on your unique needs, a USDA 502 Direct Home loan may process in a shorter or longer timeframe.



Do USDA 502 Direct Home Loans Have Private Mortgage Insurance?

USDA 502 Direct Home program loans do not have private mortgage insurance, which is typically a feature of conventional mortgage loans. Homeowners will be required to obtain their own homeowners insurance coverage.


Is there a deadline to apply?
Applications for this USDA 502 Direct Home Loan program are accepted through your local Rural Development office year-round or at Lake Area Community Development Corporation (LACDC).


  Are there fees?

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